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Waldorf at Home Conversations - with Donna Simmons
beginning March 21st 2013

Welcome! As part of our 10 Year Anniversary celebrations (2003 - 2013) we are opening this special online venue for conversations with Donna Simmons from March - December 2013. Donna SimmonsEach week Donna will choose 3 suggestions for conversation (or questions) and post them together with her initial response. Then the conversation begins and everyone else is invited to participate. At some point she will close the topic thread and choose another.

Feel free to ask questions about Waldorf education, Waldorf homeschooling, Waldorf parenting, anthroposophy or similar subjects. Email your question to Of course, Donna can only choose a limited number of questions to respond to but we hope that everyone will find the conversations inspiring and stimulating.

It might help to check out our website - - first to familiarize yourself with Waldorf (Steiner) education and Christopherus.

Once again - welcome!

Please note that there are a few steps to go through: you will need to

  1. Register, choosing a user name and password

  2. Respond to the confirmation email (check your junk mail if you don't see it)

  3. Wait for your registration to be accepted (this is done by a person rather than a machine so there may sometimes be a little delay!)

These measures are in place to protect our conversations from the attentions of spammers: annoying but necessary!

opening March 21st 2013

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